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Emily Acorace | Creative Director

A visionary Creative Director with over 10 years of experience, I possess a unique blend of creative and strategic marketing expertise, developed through leading roles at C&S Insurance and RAVentures. My background encompasses a vast skill set including Adobe Creative Suite, SEO, digital marketing, and video production, complemented by a proven track record of driving brand growth and innovation across multiple sectors. Known for simplifying complex challenges, exceptional organizational skills, and a strategic mindset, I excel in building and mentoring dynamic teams, improving processes, and executing projects that enhance brand recognition and customer engagement. Eager to leverage my comprehensive skills to drive success and creativity, I aim to transform business challenges into opportunities for distinction and leadership in the market.

Director of Marketing

2022 - Present

C&S Insurance


Mansfield, Ma

  • Led the development and execution of a comprehensive marketing strategy, aligning with the company's values and vision, resulting in enhanced brand recognition and growth.

  • Designed and implemented innovative marketing campaigns across digital platforms, significantly improving customer engagement and retention.

  • Led and mentored a dynamic marketing team, fostering a collaborative environment that encouraged creativity and innovation in insurance marketing.

  • Oversaw the integration of the latest marketing technologies and best practices, ensuring our approach remained cutting-edge and effective.

  • Created a culture of continuous improvement and learning within the marketing department, keeping the team ahead in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

  • Contributed to the company's legacy by upholding and promoting standards of trust, reliability, and exceptional customer service, reinforcing our position as a leader in the insurance sector.

Creative Director

2018 - 2022


Westford, Ma

  • Responsible for developing 7 large brands (60 locations in total)with combined annual revenue of over 500+ million dollars.

  • Led creative conceptual work, and worked with art directors and digital designer teams to design the framework against these concepts, enabling the brand vision to come to life.

  • Expert at maintaining relations with corporate clients.

  • Saved $150k annually through expert maintenance of relations with contractors, securing favorable rates with print and product vendors.

  • Implemented project management tools and agile principles to improve work organization and complete 97% of projects within the deadline since team inception.

  • Built a creative team from scratch, starting with 1, now up to 11 professionals to drive innovation in all aspects of the job: creative execution, brand experience, marketing tactics, workflows, and organizational structure.


Institute of Art & Design at New England College | 2010 - 2014



  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • SEO

  • Digital Marketing

  • Video Production

  • CRM

  • Animation

  • Field Marketing

  • Photography

  • Project Management

  • Software

  • Graphic Design

  • Big ideas for simplifying problems

  • Highly organized, thorough, & efficient

  • Exceptional common sense & pragmatic problem solver

  • Exceptional time management & ability to multitask

  • Exceptionally detail-oriented

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